I got my rhubarb crowns in the mail today! I’m so excited!

Aaaaaand it turns out that rhubarb crowns are strange and off-putting. I can’t promise they aren’t actually small dormant aliens.

But, look. I am not anti-rhubarb. I’m not saying that! Rhubarb is awesome. Poisonous leaves, stems also capable of making you sick after first frost… what’s not to love? Shh. Don’t answer that.

The point is, I welcome these tiny alien visitors into my back yard! Sleep and grow well, little aliens. I’ll be waiting for you when you wake….

Maybe not alien. Maybe Cthulu?

…and in a couple of years,¬†you’ll help me make delicious jam without having to physically chase down¬†hapless produce clerks and demand an order.